Enlightenment to God’s world

It is God’s will that we are taught how to communicate with his “Kingdom of Light”. He wishes for us to hear the words of truth, love, knowledge and guidance, some are also chosen by God to be healers. I, therefore, continue to teach enthusiastically and with fun. I feel that my teachings are always given to me directly from God and my guides which enables great learning for all.

No longer does God want there to be a barrier between us and his world. His intention, therefore, is to break down any misconceptions that have existed for so long. The prophets of old understood this skill but now he wishes for all people to understand that there is a safe way to communicate and heal each other.

My teachings are carried out with audiences, seminars, groups and video lessons. The many courses that I run are listed below. The Spiritual education that I offer is like nothing else that exists today!

Events in Japan
Radio Host
Teacher and Healer