I feel very privileged to be able to be a Spiritual Healer. Whilst all of my guides can do healing, it is the extraordinary combination of God, Archangel Raphael and Saint Sabastian that work with and through me when doing the healing. They work with me both independently and together. Personally, the healing aspect of my work is extremely exciting as I have witnessed on numerous occasions healing taking place.

There are several ways that healing can be achieved from any of my guides or God. 

The first way is not necessarily considered Spiritual Healing but I feel should be mentioned here because it is just as important. The many souls that work with me are always prepared to give guidance and help someone achieve peace in their circumstances that will ease their minds. Saint Sabastian will often come forward and share his medical and complementary knowledge that can be extremely helpful when someone is searching for help with their health. Martha is particularly enthusiastic to help anyone in need.

Secondly, and probably the most known way of bringing about Spiritual Healing is when I will lay hands on someone who is suffering either emotionally or physically. Generally, all I will need to do is place my hands on their shoulders or head. However, there are times when my guides will instruct me to place my hands in a specific area. This can feel extremely relaxing to the patient when receiving healing energy in this way.

Thirdly, being in the vicinity of someone who requires healing is often a method that my guides and God will use. Unbeknown to myself they just get on with the job. I have regularly had people mention how their ailments have been relieved when they have been in my presence.

Fourthly, healing can be given absently, which makes no difference to the end result. Every day I will sit and move my mind into a place that invites Spirit and God to step forward and bring about healing for all of those on my healing list.

God tells me that healing will be given to those that have found themselves in a stage of a disease that was never the original plan of life. He tells me miracles will happen! I am excited to see the plans that God has for healing us. I see this work as complementary and not alternative to current medical advice and treatments.

Please contact me if you wish to receive direct Spiritual healing or your name to be added to my absent healing list, where I will send healing to you daily.

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