God has asked me to set up a new Church for him and call it the Church of all Life. I believe that within the confines of the Church a connection to God will be felt and healing will take place. 

Then an understanding of life will be given to us through the communication from the Holy Spirit and also God. 

The reverence to God and all of his creation will be within our hearts because the communion of the two worlds will be there to be witnessed. Healing miracles are the intention of God, so that we understand that his world is real and full of love for humanity.

The role of this Church is to evolve the work of Jesus Christ. The Church and those in it will share the words spoken by God and the Holy Spirit. The Church aims to help all those in need through much charitable work, giving those less fortunate than ourselves hope and opportunities for their future. 

The Church will not be limited to one area, culture, gender, sexuality or race, instead, the church will embrace with love all of life that God has created! The church will be an example to all.

God’s plan is to create an understanding of his world and bring our religious life forward with a deeper connection from his world to ours. To show people that if our hearts are full of love, then the community that we live in and the world at large will be a better place. Ultimately, we will evolve to become the human race that God wishes for us to be.

God's Messenger
Gail Moffat
Radio Host
Church of all life on Zoom
Teacher and Healer