God asks me to do much charity work in my life for which I am eager to do so. I am honoured and privileged to have Mother Teresa guiding and supporting me with this work. I believe that her experience of running a successful charity will be invaluable for the future of this charity that will be done alongside the “Church of all Life”

God wishes to alleviate the many struggles that we have in our world. With the love in our hearts for people, animals and the environment we can bring about a peace of mind to the lives of those who have no-where else to turn to.

So, as part of the mission for the “Church of all Life”, I aim to tackle the issue of poverty, inequality and injustices in our world. I encourage everyone to get involved in raising money, to help people in need and to tackle poverty through education and financial support. We as a community can make the world a better place. It starts here with our love.

Radio Host
Teacher and Healer
Events Charity