Hello, my name is Gail Moffat; God’s Messenger and Healer. Let me tell you about myself, my experiences with God, the Kingdom of Light, my work internationally and God’s will to become closer with everyone.

God came and spoke to me and asked a question … “Would I be prepared to go out into the world and show people that he is a good, kind, loving God, to show people that he wishes to help mankind in every way possible? To bring about healing and love to the darkness and distress of life, to help man to evolve to the next stage of life by showing to us the truths of his world?” I of course said absolutely “YES!”

I was told, “My teachings would bring people a sense of peace in a time of turmoil in our world. I would show people how to move towards the light and reveal the many truths of Spirit”.

God then said that he would be ever-present in my work. Although he did not come to me alone, he came with many highly evolved souls that also work with me, each having a specific job to do. 

The list keeps getting longer, but here is the main list that helps God and me: Jesus, Mother Mary, St John the Baptist, Martha, Mary Magdalene, Seth, Lazarus, Noah, Naamah Edna, Thomas Aquinas, St Therese, Mother Teresa, Confucious and the Angelic Realm. 

I feel very honoured to be closely connected to these wonderful highly evolved souls where their support is full of love for humanity. They are all enthusiastic about achieving great things in our world and succeeding in all of us evolving to the next level that God wishes.

It is God’s intention to bring his word to as many people as possible. As a spiritual keynote speaker, radio host, demonstrator and teacher, I have spoken to many audiences about spiritual matters, captivating audiences about my experiences with God and his world. It is not unusual to work with a translator in all areas of my work. Today, I have clients from the following places: North and South America, Asia, Australasia, Europe and Africa.

Now, we have the beginnings of the Church of all Life and all of the charitable work that will take place.

I look forward to meeting you along this wonderful journey that God has for all of us. I feel completely compelled to do the work that God asks of me and to bring his words, love and help to as many people as possible! This is my calling!

Please come and join me....

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